Geol Critical Review 10

Geol Critical Review 10 - research performed There were...

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Rose Harris Googe “Acid Oceans Leave Fish at More Risk from Predators” BBC News 11/23/09 Although fairly brief, this article addresses an interesting concern. As oceans are becoming more acidic, apparently fish are becoming actually attracted to their predators. This result came from an experiment performed with clown fish in a laboratory. In the experiment, two streams of water were flowing side by side, allowing the fish to choose which stream to swim in. On one side, the scent of predators was present. On the other side, the water did not carry the scent of predators, but other fish instead. In the case of the clown fish raised in acidic water, they were not able to discern the safe water from the unsafe water and were equally attracted to both. This is supposed to be an example of what would happen to fish at a business- as-usual rate by 2100. While this experiment reveals an interesting result, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of
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Unformatted text preview: research performed. There were only clown fish tested. Is it possible that clown fish have a different reaction to acidified water than other fish? While this probably isn’t true, it’s worth looking into multiple species to provide comparisons. This experiment just doesn’t seem to be reliable. It’s primarily the researchers’ fault for not performing follow-up experiments, but the author is also accountable for publishing an article based on preliminary results. A journalist needs to be sure that what is being published is accurate and reliable. Also, the author never touches on how global warming causes acidification. While our class is fully aware of how this happens, it would be beneficial to add a sentence or two, briefly explaining the causes of this. It’s not a very complicated process and I believe the average reader could understand it with a minimal explanation....
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Geol Critical Review 10 - research performed There were...

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