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Example of a Partial SWOT Analysis for McDonald’s Strengths World-class research and product development Global franchise system that is second to none Strong cash position Consistency of product and service quality across the globe Growing presence in the coffee/bistro market Weaknesses Until recently, slow to react to changing consumer trends and preferences (organics, low-fat options) Opportunitie s Changing consumer tastes and dining preferences signals opportunity to continue to remake locations into more upscale bistro formats to compete directly with Starbucks in coffee Reconnecting with Baby Boomers and Gen X while cultivating Gen Y and Millennials provides opportunity for product innovation and more flexibility
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Unformatted text preview: by market area. • High cost of gas means more people are seeking dining experiences closer to home • Greatly increased sales and profits during the recession due to high perceived value – opportunity to keep those customers post-recession. Threats • The image of McDonald’s is inextricably linked to the image of America globally • Strong negative media coverage surrounding obesity and unhealthy eating, especially among children and teens, has tarnished the brand. • Burger King has emerged as an innovator and they are currently aggressively reimaging their stores. The rival chain has been hugely successful with offbeat advertising strategies both off-line and online that appeal to younger consumers....
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