Marketing+_+DM+Process - consumers use in comparing brands...

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Chapter 5 Handout: Marketer’s Responses to Decision-Process Stages Stage in the Decision Process Marketing Strategy Example Problem Recognition Encourage consumers to see that existing state does not equal desired state. Create TV commercials showing the excitement of owning a new car Information Search Provide information when and where consumers are likely to search. Target advertising on TV programs with high target- market viewership Provide sales training that ensures knowledgeable salespeople Make new-car brochures available in dealer showrooms Design exciting, easy-to- navigate and informative Web sites Evaluation of Alternatives Understand the criteria
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Unformatted text preview: consumers use in comparing brands and communicate own brand superiority. • Conduct research to identify most important evaluative criteria. • Create advertising that includes reliable data on superiority of a brand (e.g., miles per gallon, safety, comfort) Purchase Intent/Decision Understand choice heuristics used by consumers and provide communication that encourages brand decision. • Advertise “Made in America” (country of origin) • Stress long history of the brand (brand loyalty) Postpurchase Behavior Encourage accurate consumer expectations. • Provide honest advertising and sales presentations...
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Marketing+_+DM+Process - consumers use in comparing brands...

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