Micro issues 1 what are the rights of victims of a

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Unformatted text preview: world. Micro Issues 1. What are the rights of victims of a tragedy such as this one') Should they have protection from being photographed? Being interviewed? 2. Forman's instincts and resourcefulness enabled him to capture photos that no other pho tographer got. Is the exclusive nature of the photos a factor in whether to run them? 3. Forman said that when he heard Bryant had died, he assumed that the photos would not run. Should the death of one of the girls have affected the treatment of the photos? 4. Did the newspaper sensationalize the photo shown in this case by its size or placement') S. Do the rights of the other people pictured-O'Neil and the helicopter pilot--enter into the decision of whether to use the photos') Midrange Issues I. Is the repair of aging fire escapes a morally justifiable reason for running the photos') 2. Many newspapers outside of Boston ran the photos as well. When the local news peg (the fire) is absent, what is the ethical reasoning for running the photos? Macro Issues I. Photos such as Forman's are often singled out for awards within the industry. In fact, more than half of all photos that have won the two major prizes in photojournalism have involved tragedy. Should one person's calamity be a photojournalist's good fortune? 2. Are prizes too important to the profession of journalism') Are they ethical in a field such as journalism?...
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