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Unformatted text preview: Media Ethics (2008), Patterson & Wilkins, 6th ed. pp. 114-116. 114 CHAPTER 4: Loyalty: Choosing Between Competing Allegiances CASE4-D One Person's Tragedy, Another Person's Prize PHILIP PATTERSON Oklahoma Christian University ..... . July 22, 1975, was a busy day for Boston Herald photographer Stanley Forman. Early in the day he climbed towers and rode elevators all over Boston to get pictures of the city's skyline for a Sunday magazine feature. During that time, he remained on call for other daily assignments. After returning his film to the newspaper, he was hoping to leave for the day when a call came about a fire in one of the city's older sections of Victorian row houses. The dispatcher mentioned that some people might be trapped in the burning structure. Forman followed the fire engine to the scene and heard on his scanner an SOS ordering a ladder truck to the scene. When he arrived, he followed a hunch and ran down the alley to the back of the row of houses. There he saw firefighter Bob O'Neil and two people, a 2-year-old girl and her 19-year-old godmother, on the fifth-floor fire escape....
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