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Unformatted text preview: ns, 6th ed. pp. 114-116. CH4pnR 4: LoW/In': Choosing Between COlIIl'cring Allegiances 115 Stanley J. Forman, Pri; 1977. Used with permission, Within 24 hours. action was taken in Boston to improve the inspection and maintenance of all existing fire escapes in the city. Fire-safety groups around the country used the photos to promote similar efforts in other cities. Numerous awards came as well. The Pulitzer Prize committee gave Forman its 1976 news photo prize. The National Press Photographers Association named the Media Ethics (2008), Patterson & Wilkins, 6th ed. pp. 114-116. 116 CHAPTER 4: Loyalty: Choosing Between Competing Allegiances photo Picture of the Year. Several other groups, including the Society of Profes sional Journalists, honored the photo as well. Forman went on to win the Pulitzer Prize again the following year, making him the only photographer to win consecu tive Pulitzer Prizes for news photography. His awards earned him a Nieman Fel lowship at Harvard and lecture engagements around the...
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