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p, 31 Intolerant of 'racial tolerance' is, the week we celebrate Dr. King's birthday, is the T -perfect time to talk about "racial tolerance." Quite simply, it's an odious expression that should be strick- en from the lexicon, and the next person who utters it should be forced to watch every movie Jim Belushi or Whoopi Goldberg ever made. Mce. Even though most people regard "racial toler- ance" as something positive and as an example of their mag- nanimity of spirit, I still say, "Phooey" The very idea that we as human beings have the ri&t to tolerate someone else's cul& should be enough to make most of us go, "Hey, pal, 'tolerate' this." Tolerate, to my way of hnking, is what you do when your otherwise delightful hubby snores like a chain saw in need of some WD-40. Or how you feel about Sweet Thang's weekly canasta game with the girls. But tolerating the differences between cultures, races or ethnic groups? No, thank you: Those are to be appreciated, not tolerated. Opting for tolerance over appre-
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