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INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS Critique of Worldwide Media Coverage Aired December 3, 2005 - 21:00:00 ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. BECKY ANDERSON, CNN ANCHOR: Hello. I'm Becky Anderson, in London. Welcome to CNN'S INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS, where we examine how the media are covering the big stories of the moment. Later in the show, a look at how the Chinese government is cracking down on bloggers, plus behind bars in the Middle East. I'll be speaking to the award-winning producer of "Inside Israel's Jails." First, though, we begin with these terrifying images of the Westerners kidnapped in Iraq this week. A videotape of the four men, all said to be Christian peace activists, was broadcast on the Arab satellite channel Al Jazeera. Western television networks followed suit. There was at least initially some confusion over the identity of the captives and the hostage-takers, who are said to have accused the men of being spies, though verifying this information is virtually impossible. So, should the media broadcast the tapes at all? And if so, what steps should be taken in advance? To discuss this, I'm joined by CNN's editorial director Richard Griffiths and in the studio, James Brandon, who was kidnapped then released in Iraq last year. Let's start with you, Richard, if I can. Should these media -- these pictures have been shown by Al Jazeera and indeed should the rest of the international media have followed suit? RICHARD GRIFFITHS, CNN: The answer, I think, is yes. These are difficult issues. We have to figure this out on a case by case basis. You can't have a blanket rule. But, yes, I think that these images were news- worthy. Now, a few things you should know about CNN's process. We saw the pictures on Al Jazeera. We looked at them carefully and examined them, determined that there were identifying data on the tape, and then started making calls. Only after we had confirmation that the families knew that these hostages had been taken did we broadcast the images, and then only in a very sparing fashion, about 15 seconds of each, and nothing that would be seen as humiliating. That's been our rule of thumb since these tapes started showing up. ANDERSON: There are two issues here, aren't there, James. There is the question as to whether these are
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griffiths-media+critique - INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS...

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