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Unformatted text preview: Q Sales g; 4 tactic chafes Durham Healtlz director blasts filter pitch BY MICHAEL B I E S ~ STAFF WRITER DURHAM - Durham health of6- cials are boiling about a door-t* door deswoman hawkim over- priced faucet filters to residents in Penrith Townhomes. A child in that South Durham apartment community was recently foundto have been poisoned by lead after drinking tap water. Angelica Valer, B representa- tive of Townecraft lnc.. targeted H i s p i c immigrants in the com- plex and implied she was sent by the Durham County Health De partrnent to help keep theu fam- ilies , d e . officials said. The bilin- gual deswoman demonstrated the apparent effectivenessof the filter by adding what health offi- cials think was fwd coloring to a tap water sample and then mak- ing it disappear - a display ex- perts said proves nothing. "What they're doing is uncon- scionable," Dr. Brian Letourneau, Durham's public health director, said of Townecraft. "Ihey're tak- ing advantage of people in the worst circumstances. The word . needs to go out to thee vendors that their false claims of repre senting a government agency w d not be toleratd." Letomeau said his office plans to coordinate with law enforce n m t d d a l s to see whether Valer broke a state law against misrep resentkgoneelf as a government official. Health Department offi- cials said at least two Hispanic families in the complex signed binding mntracts to buy the a- SEE TACTIC, PAGE 13A ' k t ttlzq'r-e dnitr,. is /lncorzscionuble Tlzm'r-e fuking achnr~tug of people in rhe worst cirnimstance, The word need; to go O H /...
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  • Drinking water, Tap water, Public Health Director, durham county health, Angelica Valer, Durham health of6cials

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