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? 'V4" Safe? Are you sure. q;i~D Vendors court colleges BY TIM SIMMONS STAFF WRITER For 60 days after the April shootings at Virginia Tech, Robert Bruce refused to let his security company make sales calls at colleges and uni- versities. The president of Saf-T-Net, a Raleigh company that makes emergency notification soft- ware, Bruce said it "lacked moral conscience" to take ad- vantage of the tragedy. He still thinks he was right, though he returned to a field that is now packed with com- petitors who are threatening to overwhelm school officials. "It was similar to throwing a dead cow carcass into a pool of sharks," Bruce said of the way vendors descended on campuses. "I'm not kidding. It's disgusting, actually." In higher education circles, discussions about campus safety will be partitioned into pre-Virginia Tech and post-Vir- ginia Tech for years to come. Closed-circuit cameras also monitor the NCSU campus. . But companies are constantly offering new systems. On April 16, 32 people were killed when a student gunman went on a shooting rampage on campus, killing students, staff members and himself. Since the shootings, ad- ministrators have gotten a sales pitch about the newest in surveillance and emergency notification systems nearly every week. Sometimes they get more than one a day.
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