photo+manip-gabourney+sidibe - Was Gabourey Sidibe's skin...

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Unformatted text preview: Was Gabourey Sidibe's skin lightened for the cover of ELLE? by Jennifer Romolini, Shine staff , on Wed Sep 15, 2010 In the world of American fashion magazines, women of color have notoriously been underrepresented, pretty much since the birth of print. Ditto the plus-size population , who go almost entirely absent from the pages of big-name publications, as if they don't exist. So it was a boon for both groups this summer when ELLE magazine announced that full-figured African- American actress Gabourey Sidibe would grace the cover of its 25th anniversary issue . For its special October edition, ELLE produced four separate covers, each one meant to celebrate a different mid-20's female star--in addition to Sidibe, 27, it included actresses Amanda Seyfried Photo manip-gabourney sidibe.docx and Megan Fox and reality star/fashion entrepreneur Lauren Conrad. But here's where things got tricky: While each of the other three (all oft-used, not to mention skinny and Caucasian) cover girls are...
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photo+manip-gabourney+sidibe - Was Gabourey Sidibe's skin...

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