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EXAMPLES OF ALTERED PHOTOGRAPHS The Blade began investigating after determining that a photograph from a March 30 Bluffton Uni- versity baseball game had been digitally altered by a staff photographer before being submitted to editors. The inquiry found that since January of this year, former photographer Allan Detrich submit- ted 947 photos for publication, of which 79 had been digitally altered. Twenty-seven of the altered photos were published in the newspaper and on , and an additional 31 were published only on the Web site. Another 21 altered photos submitted were not published. Above: The original image of the Bluffton University baseball team praying before its Frst game on March 30 included a pair of legs beneath the No. 19 sign at far right.
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Unformatted text preview: Below: The legs had been digitally removed in an altered image that was submitted by the photographer and appeared in the March 31 edition of The Blade. Left: A photo taken at the Kut-N-Up salon on Sylvania Avenue for The Blades Toledo 24 series contained a white cord in the upper right of the image. Right: When the photographer submitted the image, which was published on on March 25, the cord had been removed. Left: A photo taken during the Jan. 27 University of Toledo and Kent State womens basketball game showed players reaching upward. Right: A basketball had been added to the image when the photographer submitted it to editors. The image was not selected and did not appear in the paper....
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