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Pulling a fast on: at the polls 0 n Monday morning, when Chapel Hill lawyer Bob Epting approached the early voting center at Morehead Planetar- ium, he had every intention of casting his ballot and heading to the office. But in a town famous for its Halloween revelry, a little trick- ery was apparently at work a dav earlv. BY ~pting's account: He walked to the side entrance and was ap proached by a female college Ruth student who asked Sheellan whether he was a regis- I tered Democrat. "Yes I am," be said. She replied, "Good, here's a list of our judicial candidates." Epting thanked her, folded the piece of paper without look- ing at it and put it in his pocket. As a lawyer who is fairly active in politics (his law partner is longtime Rep. Joe Hackney), he didn't need a list to tell him who to vote for, especially among the judges. But after exiting the poll, he remembered the piece of paper and removed it from his pocket.
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