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How to Report on Quran Burning and Other Hate Speech by Kelly McBride Sep. 9, 2010 burning-and-other-hate-speech/ By now it’s clear that the Rev. Terry Jones is a lone voice with a tiny following. On any given Sunday he has 50 worshipers, according to reporters who have attended his services. Far from being the leader of a megachurch , he is an isolated preacher who has scheduled an act of hate speech to commemorate Sept. 11. The world religious community and many others have denounced his plans. “It’s Terry Jones and his congregation against the rest of the world,” NPR reporter Greg Allen said on “Morning Edition” on Wednesday . Covering Jones’ small event on Saturday has the potential to cause great harm. The images of radicals in Gainesville may be used by other radicals halfway around the world to justify violence. Burning the Quran in the name of a perverted interpretation of Christianity is an act designed to fuel the discord between groups of Muslims and Christians. Showing images of people burning the Quran furthers that plan. How you choose to cover Saturday’s stunt says something about your values. One of the great flaws of modern journalism is the preference for dramatic developments and pithy commentary over context. Jones may be isolated in his beliefs, but his actions play out in a world where conversations involving Islam and America are constantly poised to explode. Whether it’s the coverage of the plans to build an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan or reporting on the United States’ interrogation of potential terrorists , misinformation is as common as good information. Many in Gainesville, Fla., and beyond argue that pointing a camera at Jones is like giving a toddler
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truth-zealots-reporting+quran+burning - How to Report on...

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