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saslab - SAS Lab#1 1 Open the excel file titled fishdata It...

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SAS Lab #1 1. Open the excel file titled “fishdata”. It is in on our class web page. Copy and paste the data into excel (from the browser version of excel). Keep excel open and then open SAS : - Start, programs, windows explorer. In explorer, go to: Chlab(C:), program files, SAS Institute, SAS, V8, then click on the SAS application icon. This data set was collected in the spring of 1998, via surveys at 9 different boat ramps on the Roanoke River. Anglers were intercepted after their trips, and asked a series of questions. 597 usable surveys were collected. SAS requires that all variables have names that are 8 characters or less. The following are the descriptions of the variables in this data set: boatramp = the site where the angler went fishing (coded 1-9) fishinhr = the number of hours that the angler went fishing on this trip peplnpty = the number of people in the fishing party blength = the length of the boat in feet motorhp = the horse power of the motor pasttrip = the number of trips to the Roanoke river the angler has taken this year, including this trip travel = $ expenditures on travel to the fishing site on this trip lodge = $ expenditures on lodging on this trip bait = $ expenditures on bait on this trip boatgas = $ expenditures on gas for the boat site on this trip guide = $ expenditures on guide services on this trip other = $ expenditures on other expenses on this trip baituse = coded data for type of bait used on the trip = 1 if live, = 2 if cut, = 3 if artificial, and = 4 if a combination sbkept = number of striped bass harvested (caught & kept) sbrel = number of striped bass caught & released sbtot = sbkept + sbrel noexpect = numbers of the targeted species expected to be caught in numbers, or = . (period) if angler indicated no expectation anglrage = age of respondant fishnyrs = number of years the angler has been fishing educatn = level of education, 1 if 8th grade or less, 2 if 9th-11 th grade, 3 if 12th grade, 4 if trade school, 5 if some college, 6 if college graduate, 7 if graduate school income = amount of household income last year (dollars), if exact amount is not indicated, mid-point of the indicated range on the survey is entered, if the “below $10,000” range is indicated, $5,000 is entered, if the “above $100,000” range is indicated, $100,000 is entered 1
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Writing SAS programs There are two basic units to every SAS program: the data step and the procedures . Each of these basic units is made up of a group of statements.
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