saslab2 - SAS Lab #2 extensions for PROC REG Open the excel...

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SAS Lab #2 – extensions for PROC REG Open the excel file titled “fishdata”. It is on our class web page. This data set was collected in the spring of 1998, via surveys at 9 different boat ramps on the Roanoke River. Anglers were intercepted after their trips, and asked a series of questions. 597 usable surveys were collected. SAS requires that all variables have names that are 8 characters or less. The following are the descriptions of the variables in this data set: boatramp = the site where the angler went fishing (coded 1-9) fishinhr = the number of hours that the angler went fishing on this trip peplnpty = the number of people in the fishing party blength = the length of the boat in feet motorhp = the horse power of the motor pasttrip = the number of trips to the Roanoke river the angler has taken this year, including this trip travel = $ expenditures on travel to the fishing site on this trip lodge = $ expenditures on lodging on this trip bait = $ expenditures on bait on this trip boatgas = $ expenditures on gas for the boat site on this trip guide = $ expenditures on guide services on this trip other = $ expenditures on other expenses on this trip baituse = coded data for type of bait used on the trip = 1 if live, = 2 if cut, = 3 if artificial, and = 4 if a combination sbkept sbrel sbtot = sbkept + sbrel noexpect = numbers of the targeted species expected to be caught in numbers, or = . (period) if angler indicated no expectation anglrage = age of respondant fishnyrs = number of years the angler has been fishing educatn = level of education, 1 if 8th grade or less, 2 if 9th-11 th grade, 3 if 12th grade, 4 if trade school, 5 if some college, 6 if college graduate, 7 if graduate school income = amount of household income last year (dollars), if exact amount is not indicated, mid-point of the indicated range on the survey is entered, if the “below $10,000” range is indicated, $5,000 is entered, if the “above $100,000” range is indicated, $100,000 is entered 1
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A simple SAS program This program will creates a DDE file reference called "xlsdata" to Microsoft Excel. The block of cells defined by the range row 2, column 1 through 598 column 21 will be used. This is the entire data set minus the labels, that is in “sheet1” of the open excel file.
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saslab2 - SAS Lab #2 extensions for PROC REG Open the excel...

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