Final Exam Notes

Final Exam Notes - MONDAY April 5, 2010 Workload...

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Unformatted text preview: MONDAY April 5, 2010 Workload indicators-evaluate PERFORMANCE-not just valuable during budget season, but also throughout year, have periodic review of WLI-identify relevant indicators, then have something in place to collect data-want to establish BASELINE snapshot of performance today-any action taken is supposed to impact, influence the baseline-key- establish the baseline-match indicators w goals and objectives 1. PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT an ongoing monitoring and reporting of program accomplishments and progress toward goals and objectives Periodically people within the agency does performance measurements on agencies. Doing performance meausrments are not mandatory but it is recommended in case congress then mandates a program evaluation (which hinges on past performance measurements). This is all done by internal actors (Congress has nothing to do with these). periodic use these indicators to see how well org is doing-FOCUS- PROGRESS TOWARD GOAL ACHIEVEMENT-UTILITY- serves as AN EARLY WARNING SYSTEM (its use)-do this at periodic intervals bc you want to have time to respond to these issues-to fix problems before they get too big or too bad to recover from-WHO INTERNAL done by individuals within the agency-done in house, all the reviewing, implementation, strategizing, etc. all done within the org-BEST PRACTICE it is recommended that agencies do perf. Measurements-not mandatory but considered best practice, they want that opportunity to know what is going on with their programs and make changes if they chose to, if it seems necessary-performance measurement is the best practice - what should be done, but is not required to be done-bc the program evaluation is coming toward them by congressional legislation 2. PROGRAM EVALUATION a systematic study designed to access how well a program is doing Congress mandates that program evaluation are done every few years. They are comprehensive and are done by a neutral outside party, consulted out by the GAO. The results are then evaluated by congress to decide if the program will continue or cease. Relies on past performance measures (done by agency) so that is why they must be done periodically in case they have to do a program evaluation at some point in the future.-comprehensive-what has happened with this program since last time congress accessed the program-a much longer time frame, maybe every 3 or 5 years-much larger in scope-FOCUS greater range of data in information, not identifying just a few workload indicator, tell everything about the agency, all changes, all progress-BROADER/COMPREHENSIVE -UTILITY COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT (its use)-are we making progress toward that goal and is it a realistic goal-WHO neutral outside, THIRD PARTY, that is objective-must give the good points and the bad points, must have neutral objective view-this third party does not decide if the program ends or continues, so they are neutral-done by the GAO (govt accountability office?), outside consultants, multi billion dollar business to evaluate public program for consulting firms, all of this is contracted out-EXTERNAL -MANDATORY something that will have to be done...
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Final Exam Notes - MONDAY April 5, 2010 Workload...

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