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ENG 112 19:04 Identification : When we connect with a text (with a chapter, the author, the content,  etc). Interest (professional or hobby) Past experience (similar experiences) Common setting Similar ideologies (morality, etc.) Gaps : Things that cause frustration, resistance, or moments of pause. Areas where we  are missing something. Jargon Cultural differences Time  Borders : Any factor that prevents the reader from feeling like she/he could have written  the text. Things that get in the way of our identification. Don’t agree (dissimilar ideology) Leaves of Grass: Walt Whitman Identification lines: We have watch’d the seasons dispensing themselves  Now I face home again, very pleas’d and joyous, The continuance of Equality shall be comrades Place (California) Knowing the states; journeys Seasons—common experience; poetic trope (referred to often) Searching—big picture theme Going home—big picture Gaps/Borders: and effuse as much? They shall yet make Columbia victorious.
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If need be a thousand shall sternly immolate themselves for one Not the perfumes of flowers, but sweeter, and wafted beyond death. Uncommon words, archaic
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ENG 111notes - ENG112 19:04

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