Primary Source Diary #1

Primary Source Diary #1 - Becca Sues Dr Mitchell HST...

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Becca Sues Dr. Mitchell HST 375A-Primary Source Diary #1 11 January 2012 The author of this article, “The State and Revolution” is Vladimer Lenin. Vladimer Lenin was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and communist Politian. He wanted to create a socialist economic system for Russia. He was a persuasive orator and politician who came from an educated background. He was born into a comfortable middle class political family. His parents taught him to struggle for higher ideals, a free society, and equal rights. The authors background helps to explain his motivation behind writing an article on the false interpretations of Marxism and trying to explain pure Marxism as well as why it should work. Lenin wrote notes for this article in 1917 when the Russian Revolution was in its first stage of development. Based on this, I believe that the intended audience was oppressed and educated Russians. It was a time of violent revolutions and Lenin believed he could persuade people to understand the true meaning of Marxism. Based on the high
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Primary Source Diary #1 - Becca Sues Dr Mitchell HST...

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