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Becca Sues Dr. Mitchell HST375-Primary Source Diary #2 17 January 2012 I chose to examine the primary source document, “The Taking of the Winter Palace. November 11, 1917,” by S.L. Maslov. I chose this primary source document because it helps to explain the actions of Lenin as we have discussed this week in lecture. The author of this document was a minister and member of the Socialist-Revolutionary party. Therefore, Maslov is against the Bolshevik party and in alliance with the bourgeoisie. Lenin would not approve of this alliance. The author is at the vantage point of being attacked while in a meeting with the government at the Winter Palace. He is obviously a male of high status. This piece seemed to be very straightforward with segmented sentences. It
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Unformatted text preview: seemed almost like a police report. I do not think the public had access to this document because it described the harsh conditions that the minister went through once the Bolshevik party arrested him. This article was trying to persuade the reader that the Sot-Revolutionary party was the victim in the October Revolution. The article gave examples of how the leaders of the government would run to the side of an injured cadet. To us, Americans living during the current time period, this article seems barbaric. But, to people living in Russia during the October Revolution it was commonplace. Revolutions were happening often because of the perceived corruption of the government and the unhappiness of the masses....
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