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Primary Source Diary #3

Primary Source Diary #3 - be successful and that soviet...

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Becca Sues Dr. Mitchell HST375-Primary Source Diary #3 19 January 2012 The article I chose to write this diary on is “1917: Raising Socialist Youth Bring up a Soviet Generation,” by James von Geldern. I chose this article based on the article on famine that we were expected to read for this weeks lecture. James von Geldern seems to be someone who is apart of the elite class and is someone who is for socialism. He seems to be an older male during this time period because he talks about the soviet youth as him not being apart of this group. This document is very well written so the audience would have to be a group with high literacy capabilities. I would imagine that this document was written in order to persuade the Russian elites into helping the Soviet youth succeed. The main argument of this article is that the author believes that socialism should
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Unformatted text preview: be successful and that soviet youth should have the tools to succeed. They are no longer under the power of capitalism and should have a higher standard of living. Although, early soviet educators are too influenced by American thinkers and did not create proper learning environments. Unfortunately the youth was too corrupted by the revolutions they saw and the corruption they experienced. Youth saw this as an overthrow of morality completely. Famine and corruption is now flooding the streets of Russia. We now view som as evil but they viewed capitalism as evil. This author thinks that the reason som is not succeeding is because capitalism already corrupted the youth prior to the revolution. People living in Russia during this time period had a very different outlook on politics than we do now....
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