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For this assignment I chose to analyze John Allen Muhammad, who is most widely known as the “D.C. Sniper.” Muhammad was suspected of committing various crimes since he was a young adult. The most serious of these accusations was that he had thrown a grenade into a tent filled with his fellow soldiers during his time serving in the Persian Gulf. In years following that, his criminal activity included credit card fraud and immigration documentation forgery. Muhammad’s second wife filed a restraining order against him following their divorce. He was later convicted of killing ten people and injuring three. Muhammad’s consistent criminal activity lends strong evidence to the conclusion that he is a psychopath. Psychopaths tend to commit crimes with more frequency and more violence than nonpsychopathic criminals. The grandiose sense of self-worth that is a major factor in psychopathy is evidenced in
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Unformatted text preview: Muhammad’s attempt to represent himself when on trial for the killings in the D.C. area. Muhammad sought counsel after his opening argument, but to attempt to defend oneself in such a serious trial displays an extreme egoism. Muhammad is also guilty of manipulating young Lee Boyd Malvo. Muhammad conned him into believing that the money from their attempted extortion would be used to create a new nation of purely black people. This con was used in order to manipulate Malvo into taking part in the murders and attempted murders of 13 people. There is evidence to suggest that Muhammad’s eventual goal with the sniper shootings was to kill his ex-wife and regain custody of his children. Assuming this plan to be true, Muhammad exhibits the poor planning, lack of realistic goals, and inability to predict consequences that is typical of psychopaths....
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