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adv 260 exam #1 review sheet

adv 260 exam #1 review sheet - There are 35 questions on...

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Unformatted text preview: There are 35 questions on the exam. The questions are multiple choice and true and false. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BRING A NUMBER TWO PENCIL TO THE EXAM. The exam will focus on chapters one-to-four, persuasion, and other ideas introduced in lecture. Some of the key things you will need to know include: Understanding the basic ideas of everything discussed in class as some questions are designed to test your basic understanding Anything I specifically said during lecture will be on the exam Only New York Times Columnists (names and days columns are published) NOT WALL STREET JOURNAL OR LANSING STATE JOURNAL COLUMNISTS PT Barnum Ivy Lee Persuasion Public Opinion History of Public Relations Communication Effective Communication and specifically Non-Verbal Communication Effect on public as communication becomes more readily available Protecting the client is the number one responsibility of every public relations practitioner Importance of feedback End results of communication Public Opinion Types of attitudes Objectives of public relations process Social and/or political issues that affect the practice of public relations (from your book) RACE Protection Motivation Theory (to be discussed on Friday) Extended Parallel Process Model (to be discussed on Friday) Agenda Setting Gate Keeping Framing ...
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