ADV 260 Notes - ADV 260 Notes 9/5/11 How to read a...

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ADV 260 Notes 16:57 9/5/11 How to read a newspaper 1 st  opinions section front page- main story, read headline read “lead” (summarizes story) where story is and who is writing it What is public relations helps an organization and its public adapt mutually to each other media->public->org-> source creditability= NY times > Lansing Times PR is give and take PR about survival Good relationship with public About money Everyone needs PR Process of PR by John R.A.C.E. Research- client
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Problem that needs to be solved Have one or more publics Action- developing a campaign based on research Communication- executing campaign Evaluation- is this campaign working? Campaign is a prediction Goal of PR- create stability and wealth for the client Who are publics? Internal- employee relations External- everyone not in a company Message must be one voice (same message) Mirror exposure- exposed over and over 9/7 Being successful in PR Knowledge of field Communication knowledge Media alert- alert before and event happens. 1-7 days ahead
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ADV 260 Notes - ADV 260 Notes 9/5/11 How to read a...

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