ADV 260-3 - 10/24 Effective corporate communication...

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10/24 Effective corporate communication outperform financially- as of 2008 returned  57% more profit to share holders Informed employees= money Message must be communicated successfully, must be able to trust message  and messenger 5 Principles of corporate employee communications: respect honest feedback recognition voice encouragement- to do better company newsletter is most used tool pick a random employee to highlight speak lingo of employee 10/26 Community relations- relation ship btw community and company, understanding  that the org has an obligation to support community, a bribe, rule of reciprocity Cause marketing- company says “you buy my product and I’ll donate 5% to a  particular cause” incentive if you do good deeds people will support you determine what community wants/needs, research
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inform community of org point of view announce to public what is happening with media event, pitch letter, news  release Community wants you to maintain: appearance participate stability do not mismanage funds pride
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ADV 260-3 - 10/24 Effective corporate communication...

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