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Unformatted text preview: This map is useful within an hour of the following local standard times : Late December Early January Late January Early February 10 pm 9 pm 8 pm 7 pm JANUARY ST=4 Lat. 40 ANDROMEDA Great Square of PEGASUS SOUTH CE T US PIS C ES Abrams Planetarium WEST CY G NU S De n eb C C AS SIO EP HE PE IA US DRACO PERSEUS NORTH Polaris URSA MINOR Bi g Di pp er UR SA M O AJ R LEO Capella Regu lus EAST HYDRA Pro n cyo Castor AURIGA Pollux CANCER CAN IS M INO R Si riu s GEMINI t Be el ge us e O R IO N TA U R S U Al ba de ra n R ig el H Pl ei e ad s s de ya S NI R CAAJO M ...
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