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Unformatted text preview: T E 150 E xam 2 Study G uide 1. How is sensory memory useful in a classroom setting? 2. How is short-term memory useful in a classroom setting? 3. Explain the limitations of sensory memory. 4. Explain the limitations of short-term memory. 5. How do the visuospatial working memory and the phonological loop function? 6. Describe the embodied cognition model and explain why it is important. 7. How is procedural memory expressed? 8. Describe how you might use a recognition task in a classroom setting. 9. Describe how you might use a recall task in a classroom setting. 10. Explain the theory of embodied cognition as it relates to teaching and learning. 11. Describe the brain-mind connection and why it is important to teaching and learning. 12. What are the effects of age on brain plasticity? 13. Explain the phenomenon known as brain plasticity and why it is important for classroom teachers to understand. 14. What are some ways a student can learn to actively process an assigned reading? 15. is Tony using? 16. To help him remember his Science lesson about the different types of mammals, Mark constructs a concept map to summarize the material. Which encoding strategy is Mark using? 17. is Rony using? 18. ara imagines a small bird pecking at a tree bark. Which encoding strategy is Sara using? 19. and how he let her turn on the sirens. Which encoding strategy is Jane using? 20. an entire city. Which encoding strategy is Gary using? 21. To remember what an atom looks like, Sacha compared it to how the solar system is organized. Which encoding strategy is Sacha using? 22. Which encoding strategy is Eleanor using? 23. -xxx-xxxx is best referred to as? 24. Rehearsal is an encoding strategy best used when you want to: 25. Sam Roy decides to remember it by memorizing how the letters look like. Ian decides to think of the fishing trip he went on last summer. His father took him on a boat and he recalled how the boat looked like and what he did on it. Explain in detail how the boys are opt 26. According to George Miller, how many items can short-term memory hold at any given time? 27. Which of the following i 28. What are the components of working memory? 29. How many items can long-term memory hold at any given time? 30. Recalling and describing your first day of elementary school is an example of: 31. Describing exactly what you were doing and where and when you heard about the events of September 11th, 2001 is called: 32. Recalling that your TE 150 class starts at 12:40 on Tuesdays and Thursdays is an example of: 33. Knowing that the speed of light is around 187000 miles per second is an example of: 34. Describing how you type a text message on your cell phone is an example of: 35. What theory or theories describe(s) how information is stored in long-term memory? 36. When asked several questions, why are we more likely to answer the last question first? 37. 38. Explain why associations formed at the time of encoding or learning tend to be effective retrieval cues. 39. If you have several tests coming up, why should you study last for the test that you have to take first? 41. Why do we tend to look up during a test when we are trying to remember an answer to a question? 42. demonstrating by doing this? 2 What process is Nicole 43. To prepare for his test on Tuesday morning, Harry studied on Monday night. He remembered the information long enough to do well on the test on Tuesday, but could not remember it for a surprise quiz a week later. Based m did the information get? 44. According to Embodied Cognition Theory, what are some of the least effective strategies for helping students learn information? 45. Jimmy is doing his algebra homework and trying to remember how his teacher taught him how to solve an algebra problem. He is having a hard time focusing though because his baby sister is crying and his mom is cooking dinner. What does Jimmy first need to do in order to remember how to solve his algebra question? 46. Laurie and Jim just had a baby and they want to help her develop a healthy high functioning brain. Using concepts from theme 2, what would you recommend to Laurie and Jim? 47. Explain how anatomical brain development relates to neural plasticity. 48. Using concepts from Theme 2, describe the most beneficial environment f 49. Why might a student learn material in a shallow way? How might understanding this be important to a classroom teacher? 50. What are some techniques teachers can use to encourage mental engagement in a classroom? 51. How can sometimes make learning more difficult? 52. What is the A-not-B error and why is it debated? 53. Essay: Using at least 8 concepts from Theme 2, describe in detail the most effective way to prepare a classroom environment to maximize learning. A few more key terms & concepts to understand: Embodied Cognition Learning History Serial Position Effect Information Processing Approach Rehearsing Anatomical Change Decay Theory Visualizing Imagery Neural Plasticity Complex Environment \ ...
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