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Study Guide, Pg #2 - cause the loss of motor coordination...

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Q. What if I start studying and realize I don’t understand something? Who can I talk to before the exam? A. You can talk to the TAs or me during office hours - or email is a good idea. I will also be available on email on Monday for those who are panicking at the last minute. Q. What is the best way to study? A. The best way to study is with a study partner or group. Try to teach each other material, coming up with YOUR OWN examples not found in the book or in lecture. You see, much of the exam will ask you to recognize and/or explain something in a scenario using psychological terms. Thus, if you understand a concept well enough to generate your own examples, you’ll understand it well enough to recognize mine. Q. Where can I get a cheap copy of the book? A Try the ebook option, its under $50 to rent online Here are some sample exam questions to give you a sense of the format (the answers are c, d, and c) If you were a fine gymnast who excelled at the balance beam, you would dread damage to the ________, because it would
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Unformatted text preview: cause the loss of motor coordination called _________ (a) parietal lobe, neglect (b) frontal lobe, aphasia (c) cerebellum, ataxia (d) temporal lobe, aphasia (e) occipital lobe, apraxia You are designing a video reality game about life on Pluto. Your boss wants Pluto’s forests to be colored in an unusual way, but when people close their eyes he wants them to see the forest as it would appear on earth. What color will you make Pluto’s leaves in the game, so that they will appear normal in an afterimage? (a) blue (b) green (c) yellow (d) red In your answer to the previous question, you should have been demonstrating your knowledge of (a) additive color mixing (b) lateral inhibition (c) opponent processes (d) subtractive color mixing (e) what knowledge? I was guessing. . . (e) white...
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Study Guide, Pg #2 - cause the loss of motor coordination...

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