MatSci Midterm - Scientific Method: scientists are...

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Scientific Method : scientists are explorers - Observation - Hypothesis - Experiment o Unconfirmed Reformulate Hypothesis o Confirmed Knowledge Engineering Design : engineers are problem-solvers - Analysis (Problems?) - Design - Fabrication/Implementation o Unconfirmed Prototype/Test/Refine o Confirmed Products/Structures/Software (Solutions) Materials Science and Engineering Product/Structure Engineering Materials Processing Materials Classes - Metals o Optical – opaque, shiny (lustrous), some are colored o Mechanical – ductile, malleable, strong (exceptions: Hg, Pb) o Conduction – excellent conductors of heat and electricity (stainless steel is not) o Magnetism – most no, some yes (Fe, Ni, Co) o Composition – elements, alloys (mixtures of elements) Ex. copper, aluminum, brass (Cu/Zn), steel (Fe/C) - Ceramics (including glasses) o Optical – transparent or white, but can be colored o Mechanical – brittle, hard, refractory (high-melting) o Conduction – insulating (exceptions: diamond, superconductors) o Magnetism – some yes, most no o Composition – compounds (e.g., oxides, nitrides, carbides) Ex. Silica (SO2), Alumina (Al2O3) o Ceramic Oxide Nomenclature – change “um” or “on” suffix to “a” Aluminum (Al) becomes alumina (Al2O3) Titanium (Ti) becomes titania (TiO2) - Polymers o Optical – transparent, can be white or colored o Mechanical – “plastic” – deformable, tough o Conduction – insulating (heat and electricity) o Magnetism – not magnetic
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MatSci Midterm - Scientific Method: scientists are...

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