MatSci101 1st midterm prep 10

MatSci101 1st midterm prep 10 - Anisotropy Amorphous...

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The scientific method Engineering design Materials science and engineering Product/structure engineering Materials processing Materials classes Materials “ages” Basic properties of each class Composites Stable octets in bonding Primary bonding—metallic, ionic, covalent Secondary bonding—hydrogen, van der Waals Bonds in polymers, graphite Heat conduction—electrons, waves (phonons), vibrations/knock-ons Levels of structure—electronic, atomic, crystal, micro, macro Microstructure—grains, grain boundaries, equiaxed grains, elongated grains, inclusions/precipitates, pores X-ray crystallography Close-packed metals—HCP (ABABAB), CCP or FCC (ABCABC)—12 neighbors, packing factor = 0.74 BCC—8 neighbors, packing factor = 0.68 Slip systems: close-packed directions plus close-packed planes Von Mises—need 5 or more slip systems for ductility of polycrystalline metals (FCC and BCC do, with 12, HCP do not, with only 3) Polymorphism—e.g., BCC Fe FCC Fe at 912 o C Why ionic crystals aren’t ductile: electrostatic repulsion
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Unformatted text preview: Anisotropy Amorphous materials/glasses Polymer structure (part amorphous, part crystalline) Chain-folding Dimensions/examples of defects Intrinsic point defects (vacancies) Extrinsic point defects (interstitial, substitutional) Role of point defects in diffusion Donor and acceptor doping of silicon (periodic table columns III, IV, V) Zone-refining of silicon Chemical vapor deposition Dislocations—edge and screw Role of dislocations in slip Stress and strain Stiffness (Young’s modulus) Relative stiffness of materials Yield stress or strength Ultimate tensile strength Failure stress Role of dislocations in yield strength Whiskers—eliminating dislocations Impeding dislocation motion—work hardening, solid solution hardening, grain refining, precipitation hardening Recovery Recrystallization Aluminum alloys (age- or precipitation-hardened) High strength low alloy (HSLA) steels Density...
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MatSci101 1st midterm prep 10 - Anisotropy Amorphous...

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