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Unformatted text preview: Earth Systems Vocab . Book: Geosystems 8th Edition by Christopherson Chapter 14. Fluvial: stream-related processes. Hydrology- the science of water and its global circulations, distributions, and properties; insolation and gravity power the hydrologic cycle& are driving forces of fluvial systems. Erosion- denudation by wind, water, or ice, which dislodges, dissolves, or removes surface material. Deposition- the process whereby weathered, wasted, and transported sediments are laid down by air, water, ice. Alluvium- the general term for the clay, silt, sand, gravel, and mineral fragments deposited by running water. Base level- level below which a stream can’t erode its’ valley: ultimate base level is sea level. Drainage basin: water initially moves downslope in a thin film of sheetflow(overland flow)- surface water that moves downslope in a thin film as overland flow; not concentrated in channels larger than rills. Continental divides –a ridge or elevated area that separates drainage on a continental scale, sending flows to the Pacific, G of...
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