Vocab chap 4

Vocab chap 4 - Vocab chapter 4 Telegraph invented in the...

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Vocab chapter 4 Telegraph- invented in the 1840s, it sent electrical impulses through a cable from a transmitter to a reception point, transmitting Morse code. Morse code- a system of sending electrical impulses from a transmitter through a cable to a reception point; developed by the American inventor Samuel Morse. Electromagnetic waves- invisible electronic impulses similar to visible light; electricity, magnetism, light, broadcast signals, and heat are part of such waves, which radiate in space at the speed of light, about 186,000 miles per second. Radio waves- could be harnessed so that signals could be sent from a transmission point to a reception point. Wireless telegraphy- the forerunner of radio, a form of voiceless point-to-point communication; it preceded the voice and sound transmissions of one-to-many mass communication that became known as broadcasting. Wireless telephony- early experiments in wireless voice and music transmissions,which later developed into modern radio. Broadcasting- the transmission of radio waves or TV signals to a broad public audience. Narrowcasting- any specialized electronic programming or media channel aimed at a target audience. Radio Act of 1912- the first radio legislation passed by Congress, it addressed the problem of amateur radio operators increasingly cramming the airwaves. Radio Corporation of America(RCA)- a company developed during World War I that was designed, with government approval, to pool radio patents; the formation of FCA gave the United States almost total control over the emerging mass medium of broadcasting. Network-
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Vocab chap 4 - Vocab chapter 4 Telegraph invented in the...

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