Vocab chapter 5

Vocab chapter 5 - Vocab chapter 5 Analog- in television,...

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Vocab chapter 5 Analog- in television, broadcast signals made of radio waves used before 2009. Digital- in television, the type of signals that are transmitted as binary code. Prime time- in television programming, the hours between 9 and 11 p.m. (or 7 and 10 p.m. in the Midwest) when networks have traditionally drawn their largest audiences and charged their highest advertising rates. Network era- the period in television history, roughly from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s, that refers to the dominance of the Big Three networks-ABC, CBS, and NBC-over programming and prime-time viewing habits; the era began eroding with a decline in viewing and with the development of VCRs, cable, and new TV networks. CATV (community antenna television)- an early cable system that originated where mountains or tall buildings blocked TV signals; because of early technical and regulatory limits, CATV contained only 12 channels. Narrowcasting- any specialized electronic programming or media channel aimed at a target audience. Basic cable- in cable programming, a tier of channels composed of local broadcast signals, nonbroadcast access channels (for local government, education, and general public use), a few regional PBS stations, and a variety of cable channels downlinked from communication satellites. Superstations- local independent TV stations, such as WTBS in Atlanta or WGN in Chicago, that have uplinked their signals onto a communication satellite to make themselves available nationwide. Premium channels- in cable programming, a tier of channels that subscribers can order at an additional monthly fee over their basic cable service; these may include movie channels and interactive services. Pay-per-view (PPV)- a cable-television service that allows customers to select a particular movie for a fee, or to pay $25 to $40 for a special onetime event. Video-on-demand (VOD)-
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Vocab chapter 5 - Vocab chapter 5 Analog- in television,...

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