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Radio notes-Sept 13

Radio notes-Sept 13 - Radio The First Broadcast Medium The...

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September 13, 2011 Radio: The First Broadcast Medium The Innovators Marconi -Point to Point Telephony (telegraph long distance)—Most underrated thing that changed the world Lee De Forest -The Audion Tube Edwin Howard Armstrong -FM Radio David Sarnoff -Concept of broadcasting -First media mobile -First who took the ideas of other people and marketed them for corporations The Early Days -Property of market forces or run by government? -1920-KDKA, Pittsburgh-1 st 24/7 Radio Station - Toll Broadcasts -“Home of whacks, crazies and nomadic radio signals Government Steps In Federal Radio Act of 1927 -created federal radio commission (FRC) -was not considered strong enough for ever-changing industry Communications Act of 1934 -formed the federal communications commission (FCC) -law of the land until telecommunications act of 1996 Medium of the Depression -CHEAP-Cost less than $15.00 -Easy to buy during bad economic times - Vaudeville was dying.
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