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Vocab Chapter 6 Celluloid- a transparent and pliable film that can hold a coating of chemicals sensitive to light. Kinetograph- an early movie camera developed by Thomas Edison’s assistant in the 1890s. Kinetoscope- before the days of videotape, a 1950s technique for preserving television broadcasts by using a film camera to record a live TV show off a studio monitor. Vitascope- a large-screen movie projection system developed by Thomas Edison. Narrative films- movies that tell a story, with dramatic action and conflict emerging mainly from individual characters. Nickelodeons- the first small makeshift movie theaters, which were often converted cigar stores, pawnshops, or restaurants redecorated to mimic vaudeville theaters. Vertical integration- in media economics, the phenomenon of controlling a mass media industry at its tree essential levels; production, distribution, and exhibition; the term is most frequently used in reference to the film industry.
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