Good night and good luck

Good night and good luck - -Paley worried about the...

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Film presented: Goodnight and Good luck Edward Murrow is the father of broadcast journalism -Foundation of broadcast news gaining foothold in American consciousness -1966 9 daily newspapers in NYC -Edward Murrow was foundation -throughout the 1940s and 50 America concerned threats of communism -“beef” with Joe McCarthy—felt that Murrow was challenging his campaign -Government doesn’t want to air news story about U.S. government/ army charged someone without giving them a fair trial –said story going to run is without merit -Closes each segment with “until the, goodnight and good luck”
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Unformatted text preview: -Paley worried about the editorial -March 9, 1954- Senator felt had done violence to his words –Murrow said American people know one of these parties will be destroyed—in the words of McCarthy -“He didn’t start this… he exploited this fear”-in the words of Murrow-smoking was huge difference-allowed while broadcasting-marriage in the workforce wasn’t acceptable -Murrow was considered to be a God -wasn’t till the age of cable news-anyone who exposed him (McCarthy) must be a communist or a fellow traveler-claimed and offered no proof that Murrow was a sot -...
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