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Guest speaker on Reality Television

Guest speaker on Reality Television - The People’s Court...

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Reality Television -Guest lecture: Elizabeth Gough-Gordon -Debate about producers feeding people alcohol, starting fights -Popular because it is cheap, builds other forms in society that other institutions are not Development of Reality Television -Candid Camera (1948)- old school of Punked. One of the originators of hidden cameras. Has been revised over the years -Game shows -An American Family (1973) -COPS (1989) -Real World (1992) Courtroom Reality TV -People’s Court (1981-present) -“Don’t take the law into your own hands-you take them to court.” -Form of television justice Reality TV and the Government -Neoliberalism: privatization and self-responsibility since 1970s -healthcare, social security, welfare -not conservative, is bipartisan -Television (private sector) fulfilling functions of government Courtroom Reality TV -Criminal v. civil cases -$ varies by state -binding arbitration – whatever the verdict is, that is final, can’t take them back to court
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Unformatted text preview: The People’s Court “What you are about to witness is real. The participants are not actors. They are actual litigants with a case pending in civil court. Both parties have agreed to drop their claims and have their cases settled here, before Judge Marilyn Milian, in our forum: The People’s Court.” But… “Both the plaintiff and the defendant have been paid from a fund for their appearance…”-Idea of reality TV justice is WIN -WIN. Still getting money if you lose the case. In the REAL world, that is not the case. -Get so many people to appear on shows because they want to be on TV Courtroom Reality TV v. Small Claims Court -Why go TV route?-Messages about justice system?-Neoliberalism? -Notions about race and class on TV?-Will courtroom TV be the only route of “justice” in the future? The judges themselves push neoliberalism...
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