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Media part II--Advertising

Media part II--Advertising - Guest Speaker(GET NOTES Ethics...

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10/7/11 Guest Speaker 10/14/11 (GET NOTES) Ethics and Media How should news outlets cover stories? ETHICS VS.LAWS -Ethics -How you ought to act -How to behave well -Law -How we have to act -Obligatory behavior -How badly we have behaved -Today’s Rules -Society has become cynical -Media’s “Golden Rules” -Do into others before they do into you -She/he who has the gold rules -Ethical Theories -utilitarianism-principle of utility -Jeremy Bentham-any decision should benefit all -John Stuart Mill-morally obligated to do what is best for the most people -Emmanuel Kant- Absolutist Rules -Categorical Imperatives- universal rules that take no consideration of consequences -Act as if the decision would become a universal law -Nihilism- denies the existence of any solutions -egoism- doing only what is best for our own selfish interests - relativism-everything stands on its own merits. Decide on a case by case basis -Important questions -what theory is best? -What is truth? -What are your priorities? -what do you report? -how do you report it? -Journalistic Problems -Checkbook journalism- unethical -Junket- trop paid for by source for journalists -working for two bosses -Juan Williams: NPR or Fox -Naming names -Covering a former employer -privacy -different rules for digital? -Recent Stories -news cop’s hacking -Juan Williams fired by NPR -Wikileaks and Afghan War -Fox News, Shirley Sherwood tape -Washington Post Blogger David Weigel resigns after Tea Party remarks
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-Is Wrong ever right -right to know vs. need to know -do we need to be ethical in our lives and in covering stories? -What do you think/ how do you approach ethics? 10/18/11 Advertising: The Beast that has Eaten America -“We are walking billboards”-we have been programmed by our media that certain labels are acceptable “cool” PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES -Access: advertising is everywhere. Posted on the walls, at the beach look in the sky advertisement on planes, radio, television -Timeliness: now have cable companies who are about to personalize advertising based on the shows that are shown on their television. Facebook Ads are for products that correlate with things you like on FB -Ability to demonstrate: feel that showing you how good the product is that you will buy it. Ex. Mr. Clean commercials -Entertainment value -Attention holding value: For Super Bowl Coca-Cola spent millions of dollars to run commercials for 30 sec -Status value FLEXIBILITY OF COVERAGE IN OLD MEDIA (don’t need to know these specifics just main idea of local advertising) -75% of all radio advertising revenue is local -terrestrial radio advertising dropped 18.4% in 2009 -40% of all television advertising revenue is local CHANGING PLACEMENT OF ADVERTISING -Online video ads-$22.7 billion (2009) -online radio advertising will rise an average $132 million per year through 2013-* -newspapers ads: down 7% -$541 billions spent on TV ads worldwide -Mobile advertising in 5 years has increased drastically FLEXIBILITY OF COVERAGE -Local Co-Op-
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Media part II--Advertising - Guest Speaker(GET NOTES Ethics...

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