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Artitotle : Elements : source and what you do w/ message. Missing : receiver, noise, actual message. Saw comm. As means through which citizens participated in democracy. Speaker construts messages that bring about persuasive effects among listeners. Theory of rhetoric: ethos(nature of the source), pathos(emotion of audience), logos(nature of the message presented by the source to the audience). Lasswell(1948) view of com emphasized elements of speaker, message, and audience. One way process. Channel: include mass media+speech. Goal/effect: “could be variety of outcomes/effects of comm such as inform, entertain, aggravate, persuade. Problem: no noise, frame of ref, shows it as linear model when com process is a cycle/dynamic. Important expansion of idea of comm from act speaking/writing to activities such as music, art, ballet, theater. Seen as 1 way process—channel to receiver. Includes Schramm-Osgood(1954)
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