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Chapter+11+practice+quiz+with+solutions-1 - Vocabulary Quiz...

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Vocabulary Quiz Name ________________________ Date ___________ Chapter 11 1. Net income that is retained in the business. 2. The amount per share of stock that must be retained in the business for the protection of corporate creditors. 3. Capital stock that has contractual preferences over common stock in certain areas. 4. A corporation that may have thousands of stockholders and whose stock is regularly traded on a national securities market. 5. Capital stock that has been issued and is being held by stockholders. 6. Capital stock that has been assigned a value per share in the corporate charter. 7. A corporation’s own stock that has been issued, fully paid for, and reacquired by the corporation but not retired. 8. The issuance of additional shares of stock to stockholders accompanied by a reduction in the par or stated value per share. 9. The date when ownership of outstanding shares is determined for dividend purposes.
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10. A feature of preferred stock entitling the stockholder to receive current and unpaid prior-year dividends before common stockholders receive any dividends.
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Chapter+11+practice+quiz+with+solutions-1 - Vocabulary Quiz...

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