developmental risk factors- criminal psychology

developmental risk factors- criminal psychology - Chapter 2...

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Chapter 2: Developmental Risk Factors: JUVENILE DILENQUICY Definitions and facts o Age – juvenile until 18, but there are some cases when you’re 16 and tried as an adult; the age cap depends on the crime itself (severity and chronic offenders) o Status offenses – behavior prohibited for juveniles only (ie. running away, truancy, breaking curfew); the most common types of crimes seen with juveniles o Violent crimes account for 4% of juvenile arrests. o The juvenile crime rate peaked in 1994 and has been decreasing ever since. o About 3/4ths of all juvenile arrests are for Part II offenses like assaults, drug violations, curfew, disorderly conduct… “THE THRILL OF IT ALL: YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS AND AUTO THEFT” A study in British Columbia studied many teen boys that stole cars. Many of them said that they did it because it was lucrative and that they enjoyed the thrill of it. They also said that they were able to gain a higher social status. They all expressed the disdain for the dullness of reality. A lot of the cars were stolen because of opportunity. If they were taking stuff out of the car, they tried looking for cars that were already unlocked. They were a little hesitant to smash a window or steal cars or things in the cars that were in well-lit areas and had anti-theft deterrents. Some said that they didn’t want to carry tools to help them break into cars because it would up their offenses because it shows intent. 60% weren’t even worried about bring caught and charged. Some see the punishment being worse the risk and see probation as a joke. Professional criminals – for economic gain
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developmental risk factors- criminal psychology - Chapter 2...

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