White Noise by Don DeLillo

White Noise by Don DeLillo - Kayla Murphy November 29, 2011...

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Kayla Murphy November 29, 2011 Writing Assignment # 12- White Noise Wilder’s innocence is a source of relief for Jack and Baba. A major theme addressed in White Noise is the persistent and debilitating fear of death. Wilder is the anti-thesis to this fear. He is not just unafraid of death; he is completely unaware of it. In Wilder’s world, there is no concept of death. It simply does not exist. In the face of Jack’s impending demise, Wilder becomes a source of comfort which is unique to him, even amongst the other children. Murray provides the basic explanation for why Wilder provides such comfort: “He doesn’t know he’s going to die. He doesn’t know death at all….The child is everything, the adult nothing. Think about it. A person’s entire life is the unraveling of this conflict. No wonder we’re bewildered, staggered, shattered” (289). As a child and an innocent, Wilder is free from the fear of death which grips Jack and Baba so strongly. Even Wilder’s name suggests his freedom from fear of death. ‘Wilder’ or, rather, wilder implies a lack of inhibition, an absence of reserves. Wilder is wilder than everyone else and he is able to be so because he lacks fear. The wildness of Wilder is demonstrated clearly in his mad dash across the highway. His absolute ignorance on the subject of death keeps him safe. It is on this ignorance that Jack and Baba are so dependent. Baba is losing her ability to care for her
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White Noise by Don DeLillo - Kayla Murphy November 29, 2011...

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