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Political Science 1101 News Media Notes - News Media...

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News Media Development of the News Business - The news media are the organizations that gather, package, and transmit the news through some proprietary (own the rights to their newspaper or television frequency) communications technology o Internet is only one that is not proprietary - The news media in the U.S. developed primarily as private business enterprises uncontrolled by government. A Short History of the Media in the U.S. - Newspapers were the only real media outlets when the constitution was ratified; pamphlets existed as well but they were much more infrequent. - Newspapers were often shared amongst a community, with many people reading the same paper. Congress subsidized the papers and gave them discount postal rates. o Political party sponsorship of the newspapers helped them to stay afloat as businesses. Political parties got free advertising, endorsements, etc from sponsoring newspapers. o The Penny Press and Advertising The Penny Press decreased printing costs with the advent of steam run presses Advertising allowed newspapers to make their costs without sponsorship o The Golden Age of Newspapers (1883-1925) Newspapers held a monopoly over political communication. Eventually broken by the radio The Emergence of Broadcasting - Radio presented advantages such as being a one-time cost item (news was free after original purchase). Radios were also fixed costs for broadcasters. News over radio was immediate and broadcast very quickly. - Televisions set stage for nightly broadcast news related to national matters. Also a fixed cost, disadvantage was that you could only see what your antenna reached. o Cable expanded possibilities for viewership into hard to reach areas. Choices were given to viewers about what they wanted to watch. o 1980s brought along CNN (24 hour news outlet) o Television is a passive activity-no work required (such as reading) on part of viewer - The Internet o Has the internet changed news delivery in the U.S.? Provides mostly instant access to all news sources reports However doesn’t provide information you aren’t getting in newspaper or on TV. Allows us to do more research or read/see something we missed earlier
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Political Science 1101 News Media Notes - News Media...

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