reponse essay to Derek Walcott's White Egrets poem 2

reponse essay to Derek Walcott's White Egrets poem 2 -...

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Kayla Murphy September 9, 2011 English 4000, 10:10 Dr. Anderson/Brown-Spiers Assignment 2 Derek Walcott’s poem “2.” from White Egrets carefully uses rhyme and syntax in order to create feelings of astonishment within the reader. The last seven lines of the poem exemplify Walcott’s use of a variety of rhyming and syntax techniques: Accept it. Watch how spray will burst like a cat scrambling up the side of a wall, gripping, sliding, surrendering; how, at first, its claws hook then slip with a quickening fall to the lace-rocked foam. That is the heart, coming home, trying to fasten on everything it moved from, how salted things only increase its thirst. The first four lines of this selection employ a simple, yet effective, AB rhyme scheme. It succeeds in linking the actions of the first four lines. The rhyme scheme acts as a common thread running through those lines, connecting them where enjambment prevents it. As the metaphorical cat frantically tries to grasp the wall, the AB rhyme scheme keeps the action intact. When the pattern breaks at the end of the fifth line, the desperate struggling of the previous lines breaks as well. The reader clearly visualizes the cat, claws flexed, fighting to climb the wall until the pattern ends immediately after the cat falls.
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The prominently placed caesura jumps out at the reader in the first line, emphasizing the command “Accept it.” Placing a caesura at the beginning of a line shifts the carefully structured rhythm of the previous lines and thus emphasizes the short sentence. The reader cannot help but
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reponse essay to Derek Walcott's White Egrets poem 2 -...

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