response essay to Alice Munro's Some Women from Too Much Happiness

Response essay to Alice Munro's Some Women from Too Much Happiness

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Unformatted text preview: Kayla Murphy October 3, 2011 English 4000, 10:10 Dr. Anderson/Brown-Spiers Assignment 4 Alice Munros Some Women from the collection Too Much Happiness encourages the reader to consider emotional interiors which are usually hidden. Access to the dying Mr. Croziers interior is the ultimate goal of the competition between Sylvia, his wife, and Roxanne, the masseuse. The narrator repeatedly insinuates that Roxanne flirts with Mr. Crozier not because she loves him, but because she craves attention and entertainment. However, it is not impossible that Roxanne cares for Mr. Crozier: Roxanne might squeal when she made a move or groan whenever somebody jumped over one of her marbles, but she was careful never to disturb the patient. She held her body still and set her marbles down like feathers. I tried to learn to do the same, because she would widen her eyes warningly at me if I didnt. All without losing her dimple. (175) Roxanne straddles the line between the interior and the exterior in her interactions with Mr. Crozier, as seen in the game of Chinese checkers. Roxanne remains alert and wary of Mr. Croziers comfort, silently insisting that the narrator do the same, indicating that Roxannes interior is concerned with Mr. Crozier in a manner which is tender and loving. In contrast, her exterior is a faade of mirthful flirtations and blithe conversations. Roxanne interacts with Mr. Crozier in the same way she does with any other person. She is bold, teasing and flirtatious. Old Mrs. Crozier, Young Mrs. Crozier, and the narrator all exist to provide comfort to a dying man. When Roxanne arrives, she offers entertainment which would appeal to any man. Mr. Crozier is trapped in his sickroom all day, surrounded by constant reminders of his imminent demise. Any reader can see the appeal of Roxannes weekly visits as a break in the depressing monotony....
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Response essay to Alice Munro's Some Women from Too Much Happiness

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