EAYH Lecture 5 Sept 13-3

EAYH Lecture 5 Sept 13-3 - EAYH Lecture 5 9/13/11...

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EAYH Lecture 5 9/13/11 Environmental Law, Environmental Science, and Risk Assessment Dr. Paul A. Locke, Lawyer and JHSPH professor Review Session Next Tuesday (9/20) from 6-8. Exam 1 next Thursday (9/22). It will cover material up through this Thursday's lecture. What happens to data when it escapes from the lab? Environmental law involves trying to make preventive decisions under uncertainty 2 real world case studies John Snow Cholera study 1850s John Snow was physician who invented the tenants of epidemiology. Pen and paper GIS showing that if you drank from one pump of water, you were more likely to get cholera than those who drank from another pump At this point in time, we didn't understand germ theory of disease – they thought disease was caused by myasma (bad air). John Snow took the handle off the pump (allegedly) – but he DIDN'T do that. He didn't have legal authority to remove the handle. He had to go before St. James Parish board of health and use a LEGAL MECHANISM to get pumped removed 2006 Barge filled with hazardous waste dropped it on Ivory Coast. People didn't know what to do – Waste got in the environment – massive PH problem. Legal failures: who owned Barge? Were there any international laws/treaties that covered this? Who to sue? What court? “Although neither law nor PH can function without each other, they need not serve each other well.” Law is about balancing competing interests Law : rules or commands enforceable by the positive power of the state statutes, ordinances, court rulings backed by government need to have AUTHORITY / positive enforcement power (intervention theory). Government can: MAKE you do things STOP you from doing things Environmental Law: Difficult to define concisely the use of governmental authority to protect the natural environment and human health the body of law (statutes, regulations, policy guidance) that govern the relationship between humans and nature
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More practical view: laws that protect nature and ecology ; and laws that protect public health and welfare Basic Legal Concepts Common (judge-made) law : not all law comes from legislature/statues. This law comes from judges.
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EAYH Lecture 5 Sept 13-3 - EAYH Lecture 5 9/13/11...

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