EAYH Lecture 23 Dec 1 - Lecture 23: EAYH: Global Issues ~15...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 23: EAYH: Global Issues ~15 more questions than last exam Majority of questions will cover water up through today. Radiation, arsenic, food system lectures were all new. Some questions from beginning material but they will be larger concepts not smaller concepts. Grades will be posted by Dec 16 th Humans are interconnected with environment: whatever we do to environment, it will do back to us. Worst species on earth is: MAN. No other species tries to dominate as much, causes war, etc. Nature is resilient. What are global issues? Persist or are long-acting are transnational or transboundary affects large numbers of people are an underlying cause of events are connected to other issues that meet these criteria Everything is connected! The Issues population increase global warming land degradation food security water availability stratospheric ozone depletion acid rain loss of biodiversity We are at 7 BILLION people in world. What really transpired to increase population so much around 1925? Environmental Risk Transition this term characterizes changes in environmental risks that happen as a consequence of economic development in less developed regions of the world ex. cars, changing agriculture – places are becoming westernized before transition: poor food, air, and water quality Population increase puts greater demands on: food energy resources water products waste – we haven't been good with how we deal with waste!...
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EAYH Lecture 23 Dec 1 - Lecture 23: EAYH: Global Issues ~15...

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