lecture 4 notes - Nina Mermelstein Antiquity to the...

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Nina Mermelstein Antiquity to the scientific revolution LECTURE 4: Medical practice in Greece -The medical Marketplace -Doctor patient relations -Therapeutics There are many different healers in Ancient Greece If you want to be a healer you can bc there are no tests or medical schools What makes you a healer?- patients belief in you Medicine is a craft- something that you do with your hands, form of manual work Medicine like many crafts was a family business- runs in the family The Medical families claimed to be Asklepiods= descendents of the god Askplepion, the healing god Why is it a family trade?- 1. Most trades were family businesses 2. Trade secrets- many trades have special secrets that makes their trade more competitive, not all info shared between doctors, kept in the family Everyone was brought into the world by a midwife: Maia- older women who acted as midwives, who knew chants, herbs, and knowledge to help people give birth Medical Men- sometimes attended births Iatros- doctor One midwife was known as both Maia and Iatros and she was very successful Spectrum of midwives: women who occasionally helped out, Women who knew a lot
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lecture 4 notes - Nina Mermelstein Antiquity to the...

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