Lecture 5. notes - Lecture 5 Hellenistic Greece and...

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Lecture 5: Hellenistic Greece and Alexandrian Anatomy Alexander the great- Hellenistic period where greek culture is spread around due to Alexander the great. Clash of two big civilizations Greek and Persians. Died at 32 Greek culture was spread far and wide He brought surveyors and people who studied animals and vegetation in lands that he planed to conquer Koine- language that most people spoke in the conquered lands He brought education, culture everywhere that he conquered Aristotle- Was the son of the court physician of Macedon He became Alexander the Greats tutor Studied from Plato 384-322 bce studied at an academy- outdoors informal place. Set of discussions and philosophical practices Plato 438-347 bce- he and Aristotle sought theories that could explain wide areas of phenomenon. They differed on what the material world and what the world is really like. For Plato it doesn’t help philosopher to pay attention to details of physical things. He believes in the Allegory of Caves- a group of people who live their entire lives changed in a cave and all they see are shadows flickering on the
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Lecture 5. notes - Lecture 5 Hellenistic Greece and...

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