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Lecture 7: Medicine and Christianity Three Religions (at least) in Rome 1. Asklepius- Asklepions were all over 2. Minerva medica temples 3. Apollo 4. Serapis- Egyptian god 5. Isis- Egypatian god Emperor Caracalla- he went on a healing pilgrimage: First he went to Apollo Then he went to the Asklepion in turkey Then he went to the temple of Serapis in Alexandria (1) Jewish Faith- Connection between sin and suffering Judaism expands the role of god inflicting suffering for wrongdoing Jewish physicians were thought to have some powers that others were not (2) Christian Healing and Charity- Constantine makes Christianity legal and then it becomes the official religion of the Roman emperor Christianity and disease: 1. Stronger link between sin and disease (all aspects of your moral being not just a specific action that was wrong) 2. Specific holy men have special powers to heal. Jesus has healing powers he commands illness to leave. He healed in public areas so there were converts
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